Toughcon - eine Marke der Schlicker GmbH
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With the field-tested accessories consisting of contact carriers, angle adapters, protective caps, coding, seals etc. the Toughcon connector can be adjusted to each individual application.


angle adapter - 90°

size 11-23

details Winkeladapter

contact carrier holder metal

size 11-23

details Kontaktträgerhalter

coding pins

for polarisaton

details Kodierstift TT9KP16

protective caps for TT and TM

size 11-23

details Schutzkappe TT und TM

TT/TM flange seal

size 11-23

details Flanschdichtunge

TT/TM connection area seal

size 11-23

details Steckbereichsdichtung TT und TM

TT/TM backshell seal TT und TM

size 11-23

details Endgehäusedichtungen TT und TM

TT93 the standard crimping


up to 13 A

details Standard Crimp Kontakt

TT73 for higher currents


up to 30 A

details Kontakt für höhere Ströme

TT53 compact and highly capacity


up to 40 A

details Kompakt und hochstromig

hand crimper, Crimp mashines and insertion and extraction


details StripCrimp PP3