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StripCrimp 200

The programmable StripCrimp 200 is suitable for extremely precise stripping and subsequent crimping of TT93 contacts in the cross-section range of 0.000079-0.006 inch² (AWG 30-12). All the stripping parameters and special functions are set or activated at the operating panel. Blade return and recut can be switched through the software. “Crimp only” or “strip only” modes can be activated for special applications or for setup purposes. Counter functions (total counter, unit counter and batch counter), settings (speed, activate CFM, pneumatic valve) and language selection are programmed through an operating panel and indicated on a display. Function and parameter setting can be saved.


contact tools for insertion and extraction

Pin and socket contacts are easily and non-destructively removed with an extraction tool. This allows reassembly or repair to be easily and reliably carried out. The contacts can easily be guided in the contact holes with the insertion tool until they click into the correct position. This makes assembly much easier, particularly with thin cables.



fig extraction tool spare tube isertion tool model for contact
TR116 - TT216 standard TT93
TR116P *new* TR116P-EH *new* TT216P*new* professionell TT73
TR116P *new* TR116P-EH *new* TT216P*new* professionell TT73
TR136P *new* TR136P-EH *new* TR236P*new* professionell TT53

hand crimper

Conductors with the appropriate pin or socket contacts can be reliably crimped with a hand crimper. The crimper has protection against incorrect operation and is easy to handle. Four variants are available:

fig hand-
contact crimp range
AWG crimp shape
WT10-01 TT93 0,12 bis 1,5 26-16 B-crimp
WT10-02 TT93 0,05 bis 0,56 30-20 B-crimp
WT10-03 TT93 1,5 bis 4 16-12 B-crimp
WT20-01¹ TT73 0,14 bis 4 26-12 4-spike-crimp
WT20-01¹ TT53 0,75 bis 10 20-8 4-spike-crimp

1increased hand strength is required for crimping starting at 6mm² and above

hole punches

An assortment of screw holes is available to facilitate the making of through holes in sheet metals for use in wall sockets. They are implemented with 3-cutting and positive cutting geometry and have high-strength screws for durability.

hole punches scope size
TT11-SL series TT plastic 11
TT17-SL series TT plastic 17
TT23-SL series TT plastic 23
TM11-SL series TM metal 11
TM17-SL series TM metal 17
TM23-SL series TM metal 23