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finished cable-plug manufacturing is a cost-effective complete solution

In a direct cost comparison, ready-to-install Toughcon connectors perform better than cable sets manually assembled by the client. Moreover, the overall quality of completed manufacturing is reproducable, as the manufacturing is carried out using machines.

A practical example:

  • project with 5000 cables with TT1110-P04 plug, second end straight cut and with the insulation stripped
  • backshells with strain relief TT118SR-33
  • fully assembled plug with TT9316P-T2 contacts
  • cable length 5 m (made available by the customer)
  • all necessary tools available to the customer
  • hourly rate at the customer’s site 30 €

Assembly by the customer: individual work stages

  • cables cut to length
  • cable ends stripped of insulation
  • contacts crimped
  • contacts inserted
  • backshells installed
  • cables bound
  • cables examined

Result: A finished overmoulded cable-plug unit saves about 25% of the costs.